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MaxLove Project's platform for childhood cancer parents, focused on integrative health & wellness

About Us

Founded in 2011 by Audra and Justin Wilford, parents of brain tumor survivor, Max Wilford, MaxLove Project is dedicated to supporting all childhood cancer families in maximizing their quality of life and long-term thriving. MaxLove Connect is our online learning and community platform for all childhood cancer parents. 

We believe that survivorship starts the day of diagnosis. Although childhood cancer survivors face a lifetime of serious life-threatening health risks, we know that the statistics are not destiny. As a community, we're learning, growing, and supporting each other so that, together, we can thrive against the odds.

We created MaxLove Connect so to bring together passionate childhood cancer parents who are ready to connect, learn, and grow. The foundation of this connecting, learning, and growing is our BE SUPER Action Plan (diet, sleep, physical activity, mindfulness, positive social relationships, and a healthy environment). All the BE SUPER Actions and everything we do on MaxLove Connect point revolve around ways we can help our families live their best lives. 

Why You Should Join Us

On MaxLove Connect, we're going to be sharing cutting-edge wellness science, small group programs, and online courses tailored to the childhood cancer experience.

We're a community of like-minded childhood cancer parents, dedicated to supporting each other, learning, and growing. If this resonates with you, then we want you with us! We can't thrive alone; we're better together!

Our BE SUPER Action Plan